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About Us

Hearing Rehab Center was founded by Bruce Wilken and his sons, Jeff and Matt, in 1996. Since then, the Wilkens have opened additional locations throughout numerous Colorado communities to help thousands of people improve the quality of their lives through better hearing.

Hearing Rehab Center centers on the belief that creating effective and long-term solutions to hearing difficulties stems from a thorough understanding of your unique lifestyle and individual experience with hearing loss. These patient-first values are at the core of Hearing Rehab Center because Bruce Wilken shares a common bond with everyone in Hearing Rehab Center’s care.

A hearing aid user since 1984, he wears the same technology Hearing Rehab Center professionals recommend to you.

Our Principles:

Our job is to help you hear better—not to just sell you a product. We strive to help you understand the nature of your hearing loss, educate you on your options, and empower you to take control of your hearing.

Because hearing technology is only as effective as the professional who fits it and the patient’s commitment to consistently wearing it, all of Hearing Rehab Center’s AudigyCertified audiologists and hearing professionals are thoroughly trained on the latest digital hearing technology to help you hear your best.

There are three key elements in making hearing aid technology truly effective:

  1. Identifying the appropriate technology for your personal hearing lifestyle requirements
  2. The certified expert who fits and adjusts it
  3. Your regular and consistent use of your hearing technology

Please call or come in to any of our locations and learn why we are Colorado’s premier Audiology/Hearing Aid Provider!