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  • Hearing Loops A hearing loop is a communication system that many theaters and auditoriums offer that allow hearing aids to receive a signal directly from the source.
  • The One Hundred Dollar Hearing Aid In order to build that many hearing aids you're going to have to buy factory space, assembly machinery and test equipment for your $100.00 hearing aid.
  • Hearing Aids and Confidence Forget the thought that hearing aids make you look old. Better hearing makes you more confident and feel younger.
  • Hearing Aid Myths There are a lot of hearing aid myths and misconceptions out there. Here we touch on our top ten myths and get to the truth behind these.
  • Benefits of Two Hearing Aids Many people wonder if they really need two hearing aids or if they can get by on just one. Learn about the benefits of wearing two hearing aids.
  • Protect Hearing Aids From Moisture If moisture gets into your hearing aids it can severely damage them. Learn how to protect your hearing aids from moisture and how to remove the moisture.
  • Hearing Aids Are Not Your Average Glasses Many people have the misconception that getting hearing aids is comparable to getting glasses, meaning that they correct your hearing and make it "normal" again.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs Have you ever had a hearing aid that has stopped working or not performing well? Here are a few simple steps you can take to repair your hearing aids.
  • What to expect once I have Hearing Aids Once you have been fit with your new hearing aids it is important to understand that it will take time to get use to all the new sounds you are hearing. At first, things may sound different including your own voice but over time you will begin to get use to these sounds.