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The better you eat, the better your hearing is likely to be - even if you’ve been exposed to loud noise. 

That’s the conclusion of a recent University of Florida study, which compared 2366 people who were given a questionnaire about their eating habits and then a four-part hearing test.

The higher a participant scored on the Healthy Eating Index, the better his or her auditory function, said University of Health Researcher Christopher Spankovich. 

Healthy eating cannot reverse pre-existing hearing problems

People who ate well but were exposed to a high level of noise in their daily lives heard about as well as those who ate poorly but were exposed to less noise, the study showed.  

Spankovich said that while healthy eating cannot reverse pre-existing hearing loss, it can play a role in preventing future hearing problems. 

“Our hearing is linked to our general health. Out auditory system is linked to our cardiovascular, neural and metabolic health, and if we are not healthy in general, it makes sense that we could increase our susceptibility to hearing loss,” Spankovich said.

High frequency hearing most affected by eating habits

The University of Florida study found a connection between good eating habits and better hearing only in the higher frequencies, not in lower frequencies. But further studies are planned.  





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