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Hearing Loss and Kidney Disease

You may be thinking, “How in the world are hearing loss and kidney disease related?”

Hearing loss and kidney disease have been connected.  Hearing loss is a potential side effect of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that most people don’t know about.  Since CKD affects more than 10% of Americans, it’s important to be informed, if not for yourself, but for friends and family.

First of all, because the tissues of the kidney and the inner ear are similar and share a common metabolic function, problems that affect kidney function can also damage the inner ear.  High blood pressure, diabetes and a family history of CKD can increase your risk of developing kidney problems.  High blood pressure can cause CKD and CKD can cause high blood pressure!  Diabetes can cause damage to many organs in your body including the kidneys, heart, blood vessels and the inner ear.  Even a history of repeated urinary tract infections can cause damage to the kidneys.

As with any medical condition, knowledge is power!  It’s better to be proactive for you or loved ones and be evaluated by a physician for CKD and a Doctor of Audiology for a hearing test—early intervention is key!  According to a Kidney Foundation survey, over half of those with moderate kidney disease have some hearing loss, and more than a third have severe to profound hearing loss.

When you think about it, the shape of a kidney and the shape of an ear are very similar….hmmmm!

Obviously chronic kidney disease is a serious health issue and should be treated as such.  It is important though to understand other health issues that can arise from this type of disease.

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