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May Is Better Speech and Hearing Month

Since 1927, May has been designated the month to celebrate communication through Better Speech and Hearing. This month of awareness is a good time to analyze your own hearing health and determine if you are one of the estimated 28 million Americans who have a hearing loss that can be treated. You may have a hearing loss if you:

  • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Notice that you can hear someone speaking but not always understand what is being said
  • Experience difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Have difficulty following group conversations
  • Keep the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud
  • Have ringing in your ears

Lifelong Care and Follow-Up

If these situations sound familiar to you, do yourself a favor and have your hearing evaluated. Even the most subtle changes to hearing can have an impact on your daily conversations. The good news is that hearing loss is treatable, and research shows when identified early and treated quickly, individuals with hearing loss have greater success rates with hearing rehabilitation and are better able to preserve hearing across their life span.

If you or someone you know suspects a hearing loss, please contact us at (800) 787-HEAR or visit us on the web at: LISTEN TO THE DIFFERENCE

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