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What's the cost of not getting a hearing aid?

The cost of a hearing aid is something a lot of users worry about.  When looking at a hearing aid price, they focus on the number in front of them - but they may not think about the opportunity cost of NOT getting a hearing aid. 

The costs of not getting a hearing aid aren’t as easy to quantify, but they can be significant.

For example, poor hearing can make your brain less sharp. Because people with hearing loss often experience isolation and feel cut off from family and friends, they engage in less brain-stimulating interaction, which can result in   forgetfulness, a decreased ability to maintain focus, and decreased problem-solving ability – and even personality changes.

Hearing aids help prevent falls

Another cost of not getting a hearing aid may be poor balance and an increase likelihood of falls.  Ears and balance are closely linked, and there is some evidence that hearing aids can help prevent falls, particularly for older adults.  Studies by the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey database show that for each 10dB of hearing loss, individuals have a 1.4 times increased risk of falling.

Tinnitus and hearing aids

If you’ve ever wondered Why is there ringing in my ears?, you may have tinnitus, the highly common and very irritating sound of buzzing, whistling or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is linked to insomnia and stress, and it can simply make your life less pleasant and enjoyable. In many cases, tinnitus is linked to hearing loss: when the brain cannot hear external sounds, it starts creating its own. 

Hearing aids are often prescribed to help control tinnitus, as are tinnitus-specific products like Widex’s ZEN Therapy. The cost of not getting a hearing aid may be more years of irritation and exasperation from tinnitus.

What is the true cost of hearing aids?

Some people look at the small size of hearing aids and think that perhaps the cost of hearing aids is too high.  Read our blog post What is the true price of hearing aids? for some insights into the complex mechanisms inside these small devices. 

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