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Hearing aids and Bluetooth Technology

At this point in time most everyone has heard the term “Bluetooth”.  For those of you who have not been explained as to what this technology is, it is a technology which transmits and receives data via radio waves while being password protected.   Think of Bluetooth as similar to the radio frequency your cordless home phone uses but with a password.  Bluetooth has been increasingly adapted to many consumer products from computer peripheral devices, video game systems, to even hearing aids.  Hearing aid users no longer have to listen to audio devices from sound waves moving in the air, but directly and wirelessly transmitted to the hearing aids.

As a hearing aid user and audiologist, I know that a hearing aid is going to help an individual access sounds from electronic devices (i.e. TV, telephone) that would otherwise be missed without the hearing aids.  I also know that I experience sounds that seem “lost in translation” from the external sound devices to my hearing aid.  Electronic sounds are certainly being conveyed to my hearing aid, but hearing aids are far from perfect and have been less beneficial amplifying televisions and personal music players for the end user.

This is how Bluetooth ready hearing aids can help you: they eliminate the need to directly connect wires to your hearing aid(s), listen to your phone (cell and/or landline) hands free in both ears, it is a personal volume control for television, while another listener can keep the volume at their preferred level, it is even capable of being an external microphone, which can be given to a lecturer giving the user clearer sound from a distance!

In order to turn your hearing aids into personal headphones, the user needs to obtain a device which is the “middle man” for the hearing aids and the desired audio device.  Bluetooth is great but consumes far too much power to insert this technology directly into the actual hearing aid (hearing aids would be extremely large if we did this).

No matter whether your lifestyle is active or slow, your age is young to advanced, or even your level of technology know-how; Bluetooth hearing aids can provide the hearing aid user with superior clarity of sound (especially with music!) compared to without.

I hope you will consider trying this new technology in the future, as a fellow hearing aid user I love the convenience and benefits of a Bluetooth compatible hearing aid.  To learn more about wireless accessories for hearing aids call or stop in to one of our locations.