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Invisible Hearing Aids

Your satisfaction with your hearing technology solution and our services is important to us, so we’re happy to let you try out your new invisible hearing aid technology while discovering better hearing.


Your life is unique. And your hearing solution should be, too. Hearing Rehab Center offers many invisible hearing aid options. You can feel confident that no matter what you’re lifestyle or budget, you’ll have the hearing clarity you deserve in a tiny but powerful device.


Our invisible hearing aids produce a more comfortable fit, because they’re personalized to your ears and lifestyle. We provide invisible hearing aids that can be removed daily or ones that you can wear 24/7. You’ll get more control in your life, and your devices are gentler on your ears.


Our invisible hearing devices respond to the world around you. Going to a noisy restaurant? Your aids will adjust to help you hear. Have an important meeting? Your aids will adjust to help you hear. Just want to relax and enjoy the television with your family? Your aids will adjust to help you hear.

Extended Wear – Lyric
Lyric allows you to hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time. You can use Lyric during your activities such as sleeping, showering, exercising, using external headphones, and talking on the phone.

Insurance Benefits? See Us First!
Our experts can help you take full advantage of your health insurance benefits to help you hear your best.


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